So, LG has a new phone out, the updated G2. It's fancy, has a big screen, and of course, people want it. Back in Seoul, South Korea, LG had the bright idea of attaching 100 vouchers for free G2s to balloons. Yup. To BALLOONS

Their message to those hoping to get a voucher? Think of a creative way to get the balloons down. Sadly, LG didn't anticipate those in the crowd bringing BB guns and spears to pop the balloons, and the frenzy left about 20 people injured. Similar promotion events scheduled in Korea have been canceled because, like, c'mon. What happened to an old fashioned lottery? Bingo game, perhaps? Beats getting stabbed by a spear caveman style. 

LG has promised to cover medical costs of those injured at the event. "We will provide them with proper medical treatment as we are responsible for the event," LG told The Korea Times. Check out the above video of the event (you can see the lady with the spear around the 1:23 mark), and notice how fast the balloons fly up and out of everyone's reach. Bummer.

[via The Verge]