Just as Kris Jenner hoped, the season finale of her new talk show Kris earned series high ratings this past Friday with Kanye West's highly anticipated appearance and the debut of the first public photo of baby North West. According to Deadline, the episode scored a 1.7 household rating overall, and did excellent in both the LA and Dallas areas where it was number one in its timeslot.

The show's YouTube channel also saw a huge boost in visitors: Of it's total 8.1 million views, 4.3 million are from the final week—Kanye's appearance, that is—alone.

Kris may have been hoping that Kanye's involvement on the show's finale would help her get a full series (Fox execs are currently weighing whether or not pick up the show), but it's not too clear whether or not those impressive ratings are going to have that big an impact on their decision. Ratings for the entire six-week run of the show average out to 0.8 total, which is about on par with the show that was in the same time slot last year.

Kris' ratings have also been very unpredictable; while some days there seemed to be some improvement, ratings would generally drop back down the next day, only to go back up again after that. The show wasn't really gaining strength, just booking buzz-y guest stars and trending on Twitter.

In it's favor, though, the show is (and would be) talked about a lot, as are all things Kardashian. Whether or not it will bear any quality whatsoever, though, remains to be seen.

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