So much for new friends. Anthony Weiner found a new ally at a Harlem IHOP. Through chance, Weiner met Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillan and, following a brief breakfast, Weiner won McMillan over. “We didn’t talk about politics, I just told him clearly, ‘You do not quit. You can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, you shouldn’t have got in this race," McMillan told Politicker.

McMillan is able to acknowledge that everyone indulges in slightly inappropriate behavior. “We all are freaky. He just exposed his freaky-ism in the wrong way,” he said of Weiner. “I think Anthony needs someone like me to tell him, ‘Don’t be afraid to go get help if you need it.'"

His idea of help probably isn't what you'd expect, however. “If you need another woman, I can help you get another woman if that’s what you need,” he revealed. If you thought that was out of line, you don't know much about Jimmy McMillan: “He created a character called ‘Carlos Danger.’ Ooh, that is a marketing bonanza … He can put a hat on a dildo and call himself ‘Carlos Danger.’ Everyone will get it for someone just as a gift. He can make a billion dollars out of that in one month.”

This is precisely the type of endorsement that Weiner needs right now.

[via Politicker]