Trying to figure out exactly how many side-projects that James Franco is currently working on is a feat not many achieve in their lifetime. Is he an actor? Writer? Director? Producer? Artist? Musician? Student? Teacher? No one knows! It changes, like, every day.

Thankfully, James Franco apparently realizes the world's trouble with figuring out what his job description is, and has inked a deal with Ovation for a reality show that will take on the gigantic task of informing us exactly what all of his side projects are. Looks like we finally know what all those Instagram posts were referring to.

It's kind of hilarious that James Franco would take on another project just to explain what all of his other projects are, but we're not even surprised by this anymore, because it's so meta that it's just the type of thing James Franco would do.

According to Indiewire, the reality series will be called James Franco Presents, and will consist of ten, one-hour long episodes that each delve into a different project Franco is working on. He will star, in additiong executive producing, and the show will feature "unseen footage shot by Franco himself" including "experimental shorts he's made." We're sure they're very artsy.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait a while until the mystery of what the hell James Franco is doing with his time is revealed: The show doesn't premiere until November. Until then, though, take comfort in this: He's got like two movies coming out (Child of God and Palo Alto) and he's being roasted on Comedy Central on September 2nd, so there certainly won't be any lack of James Franco in all of our lives. 

[via Indiewire]