The iPad is getting a makeover, and its getting inspiration from its younger brother. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the iPad 5 is going to look like a larger version of the iPad Mini, and come with the same sleek black backplate as the Mini, and some of the same technology that was used to make the Mini, well, mini.

"The same touch-panel technology that made the iPad mini thin and light will likely feature in the next iPad," according to the Wall Street Journal's report. So, the iPad 5 will do away with glass, and go with a film touch layer, just as the iPad Mini, which allowed Apple to reduce the thickness and weight of the device. Hopefully, this means your iPad won't feel like a brick while you're carrying it on the subway. 

9 to 5 Mac recently posted leaked images of the iPad 5, and now with these new details coming in so close to Apple's Sept. 10 event, this very well could be the next iPad.

Ready for the redesign?

[via Wall Street Journal]