The next time you think of boasting about your illegal activities on social media, think twice. No. Actually, just rethink your life. This is what (now former) up-and-coming rapper Neno Best is doing now after posting Instagram photos about his side hustle of selling guns.

Word to the wise: law enforcement agencies know about socia media. Social media is not some big secret that only you and your friends know about. Neno, whose real name is Matthew Best, got the attention of the police after he posted photos and videos of guns and large wads of cash (as you probably expected, many of them have been taken down), saying he was selling the weapons from his Ocean Hill recording studio. The NYPD contacted undercover investigators, and they soon uncovered a multi-state weapon trafficking ring. Best and a friend sold guns at about three times the price that they bought them for; and they were buying them from two gun runners down in South and North Carolina. 

The two gun runners now face a 552-count indictment, and are accused to operating gun rings that brought guns from the south to New York. The NYPD seized about 243 guns, nine rifles and two shotguns—making it the biggest gun bust in NYC history. The weapons were displayed at a press conference held by Mayor Bloomberg (which you can see above). 

Please rethink the meaning of life if this is something you are (or are thinking about) doing.

[via The Verge]