New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's tenure is coming to a close, so the New York Times reflected on the city's housing boom during his reign with the infographic above. According to the Times, New York City has added 40,000 new buildings since Bloomberg took office in 2002; those little speckles of maroon represent the new buildings that have sprung up during that period. Furthermore, NYC added 170,000 extra housing units in 2010, the biggest increase of any city over the previous decade.

Neighborhoods such as the South Bronx, Williamsburg, Long Island City and downtown (after 9/11) are among the areas with the most growth. Though his nanny efforts may have rubbed people the wrong way, he deserves credit for helping the city expand in spite of the recession. Nobody can take that away from him.

Be sure to check out the map in all of its glory.

[via New York Times]