Eating food with a stranger. Sounds awesome, right? Maybe? No? Oh ok, sorry. Well, if you are interested in possibly getting food with someone you've never met before, a company by the name of Grubwithus might be worth checking out.

The startup company has secured over $6 million in funding but hasn't quite taken off because of what it strives to do: to bring complete strangers together for an enjoyable meal. The company finds your table mates and handles check-splitting, tipping, etc., while making two to three dollars for each reservation done through it. 

Although people like Ashton Kutcher, Reddit's Alexis Ohanian and mega-VC firm Andreessen Horowitz have all pitched in, Grubwithus, unsurprisingly, hasn't really blown up. Why? One, the idea of eating with complete strangers isn't really appealing. Two, when each meal ranges between $20 and $25 not too many people are going to be able to afford doing this several times over.

But the biggest problem with Grubwithus? The fact that it's still a startup project. There are only two open meals to join in the entirety of New York, and only three in San Francisco.

[via Valleywag]