Sorry everyone: you won't be getting Google Glass for Christmas this year. Or Hanukkah. Or any holiday this year, for that matter.

Google Glass won't be hitting stores until 2014, according to a new report, even though Google has been letting a limited number of developers try out the device for months now. In short: the device isn't ready, so it's going to take some polishing to get it just right before release. Maybe some more tweaks with privacy controls, and signal reliability, since there have been reports that there are certain phones that experience weak connections when linking with Glass. 

The design of the device is more than likely final, but there might be alternative frames available at some point (which might be designed by New York City-based Warby Parker). 

But, just in case you want to get a little warm up before getting Glass, there might be a few other options available come Christmas time, like Vuzix and Telepathy

[via Mashable]