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Though GIFs have been the go-to for comedy on the Internet for awhile now (it's practically the lifeblood of Tumblr), Facebook has been slow to adopt them. The company only implemented pictures in reply comments a few months ago, so GIFs seemed to be something far off their radar. But now, there's finally a way to get your GIF-on with the social network.

Through Giphy, the website that searches top GIFs from around the Internet, you can now post GIFs from their site to your Facebook profile. By working with Facebook, Giphy has implemented a way to let you share GIFs to the social network that will endlessly play when they are clicked on. Think of it like a sharing a video—get the URL of the GIF (or embed straight from Giphy), share it, and it will show on your TImeline and Newsfeed. Hit the 'play' button on the GIF, and boom, it will start playing. It essentially is a video, since the GIF has been converted into Flash in order to display. The only requirement: the GIF has to come from Giphy's website.

It might not work perfectly—it's still somewhat of a work in progress—but we'll take it.

Image: The Verge

[via The Verge]