Remember how that dad of the year contender who hacked Donkey Kong so his daughter could play as Pauline? That was pretty tight.

Shortly afterward an intrepid modder hacked the NES The Legend of Zelda so Princess Zelda was a playable character, and now we have this.

The developers behind The Wild Eternal have created a modded Super Mario Bros. wherein players can use Peach to rescuse herself, thank you very much. Sorry Mario Bros. is a free downloadable game which finds Princess Peach escaping, with no thanks to any hirsute plumbers, through three old NES Super Mario Bros levels.

By scrolling from left to right players are able to use Peach's float-jump from the second Mario Bros. title to navigate herself to safety. Watch the trailer above and then download the free game for a little midday nostalgia break.

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[via Sorry Mario Bros.]