The Florida International University chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was suspended yesterday after someone exposed screenshots of members referencing drug deals, boasting about hazing and humiliating female students by uploading their naked pictures to Facebook.

The images quickly made their way to school administration, who dropped the hammer on Pi Kappa Alpha with no remorse. In a statement released yesterday, the university said they were "taking this information very seriously," adding that "the fraternity has been instructed to cease all meetings and events."

Screenshots depict members either trying to sell or soliciting everything from Adderall to marijuana and cocaine. Other posts instruct "Pikes," as they're known, to force pledges to wash their cars, because "hazing is amazing."

Then there's the matter of posting naked photos of girls who might be underage. One of the captions reads: "i think she was 17 at the time of the titi pics LOL." Absolutely shameless.

Once again, people used social media to incriminate themselves and paid the price. These kids deserved it.

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[via Gawker]