Facebook has just brought on a former Pepsi guy to become their first Chief Marketing Officer and help clean up their image. That's right: Gary Briggs, the man you see above, or also known as the guy from the 40-Year-Old Virgin poster, has been hired by Zuck and Co. to take on the task of making Facebook cool again.

After a series of awkward commercials, one of which tried to compare Facebook to a chair—yes, a chair, which they have now made private on YouTube—Facebook is looking to pull away from criticisms that they're trying too hard to be trendy or hipster to connect with audiences and become likeable. One highly criticized ad had a man refuse to shut off his phone while on a plane because he was watching a video of drag queens. 

Briggs worked for Pepsi for six years, bringing us Aquafina, and their partnership with Starbucks. He was most recently with Motorola Mobility, Google's company that just oversaw the launch of Moto X. 

What do you think: has Facebook lost its cool factor, and if so, will they get it back again?

[via Business Insider]