Sometimes, hormones take over and you just absolutely have to have sex at a Home Depot. A couple was arrested at a North Charleston, S.C. location after they were caught getting it in inside of a display shed—at 8:40 a.m.

On Wednesday morning, police were summoned after 31-year-old Shaun Bowden and 20-year-old Emily Craig were seen entering the shed, closing the door behind them and staying inside for a suspicious amount of time. When police interrupted their tryst, they said the top of Craig's dress was untied and "hanging at her waist," while Bowden's pants were down to his knees and his manhood was just out in the open. Pretty incriminating. 

Questioning revealed the obvious (they were fucking in the shed), and both were arrested for disorderly conduct. Bowden scored an indecent exposure charge for having his penis out, and Craig was charged with providing false information to law enforcement after giving the cops a fake name. Let this be remebered at the day Home Depot became Sex Depot. 

Hey, anytime, anyplace, right?

[via The Smoking Gun]