Does having a drink named after you count as an accolade? If so, Kris Jenner has another one, thanks to Diddy. The mogul made an appearance on Jenner's talk show, Kris, and came bearing gifts. Now she has a cocktail created in her honor, known as "The GLAMA," or "Glamorous Grandma." GLAMA > MOMAGER, just sayin...

Now all grandmom's have something to get hammered with while enjoying daytime television, meaning all is right in the world. Below are the ingredients:

*Ciroc Amaretta "GLAMA"
*1.5 Cîroc Amaretto
*1.5 Lemon Sour
*Shake or strain into rocks glass or tall Collins glass
*Top with 2 oz champagne
*Garnish with lemon wedge or peel

[via The Huffington Post]