We get it. Nutella is more than just food; it's so crucial it deserves its own spot on the food pyramid. But at some point, you're going to run out of pretzels, fruit, and pita chips to dip into your Nutella. So when you stop by the grocery store to restock on produce and salty snacks, throw a couple items from these recipes in the shopping cart and prepare for your #snacklife to be changed.

From self-frosted cupcakes to more bacon than you thought could be paired with the container of hazelnut perfection, here are 15 delicious things you can do with Nutella that are guaranteed to overshadow the tired technique of using Nutella as a dip. Don't worry about counting calories or hitting the gym after, these tasty treats are well worth all of the pounds you might will pack on. We've got breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options for those that want Nutella all day, erriday, and some lighter snacks for when you just want to nibble. So whether you've got the munchies, you're a straight up Nutella addict, or just hungry rightthissecond, get ready to salivate over these mouthwatering recipes. And of course, feel free to keep it one hunnit and eat it straight out the jar, no recipe (or spoon) necessary. 

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