RS: We're dealing with Saints Row IV. It's a Matrix- inspired simultated world and we have the dubstep gun, so our electronic music is really heavy on dubstep influence. We've got a lot of drops in there. You've got Dr. P, Flux Pavilion, Nero, Datsik. It gets to the heavier stuff. I think we have a peppering of slower EDM and things that people will also enjoy.

BB: This is definitely the dirtiest K12 we've ever had. We're all huge fans of electronic music-some styles more than others. Like Roel said, with the art style of the game where you're in this gritty simulation, this is one style that we definitely wanted to reflect that. We do have one track on there by a band called the Bloody Beetroots. They worked with us on doing an exclusive release on one of their albums, so the song that we have on K12, we are basically officially releasing that single on our game, which is really cool.

Track List:

DJ: Lauri Hendler as Jane Valderama

Alex Metric - "Prophecies"

Apashe - "Eat My Apple"

Congorock - "Ivory (Bloody Beetroots Mix)"

Datsik - "Bonafide Hustler"

Datsik and Excision - "Vindicate"

Doctor P - "Flying Spaghetti Monster"

Flux Pavilion - "Blow the Roof"

Gigamesh (ft. Jana Nyberg) - "All My Life"

Junkie XL - "Giraffe"

Kill Paris - "Slap Me"

Nero - "Promises"

The Bloody Beetroots - "The Source"

The Knocks & Fred Falke - "Geronimo"

Vitalic - "Stamina"

Watch the Duck - "Poppin' Off"