It’s possible that some sort of HD Pokémon title is in development, as evidenced by a short clip at the Japan-only Pokémon Game Show held this weekend in Tokyo. At the end of a sizzle reel for the upcoming Pokémon X and Y, what appears to be an HD teaser scene of Lucario (the one that looks like a blue fox, sorta) and Blaziken prepping for battle.

In the past whenever a (gasp) polygonal Pokémon display showed up anywhere at an industry event, it’s usually meant another version of Pokémon Stadium is in development. Could that be the case here? Or might the Big N actually be working on an honest-to-god full-fledged Pokémon Wii U title?

Honestly, I kind of doubt it. Seeing as X and Y are taking the series into full 3D a la Dragon Quest, a Wii U title could very well be seen by the staunchly old-school Nintendo as cannibalizing, at least without some sort of gimmicky differentiation. But who knows? Fans can dream.

Via Game Informer