Cliff Bleszinski, the former designer at Epic Games and most recently known for his work on the Gears of War series, has been slowly leaking concept art for a new project, "here's another closely cropped image of something I'm working on."

This follows-up on another image released last month of a solider guarding a waterway with his gunboat. The difference between the two images couldn't be more dramatic. Cliffy B related that both images have been very closely cropped to keep us guessing, who knows maybe its a picture on a wall of a bombed out building.

We went around the office and came up with a likely game concept: In the year 2080 following the recover of a nameless Future War, former game designer Cliff Bleszinski has been harboring the genius turned evil scientist and creator of Fez, Phil Fish. Fish, after shutting himself off from the world creates a secret program to clone superhuman basketball players in a bunker inside the heavily guarded facility inside Hoover Dam to be ruled by the cruel but just character voiced by Keith David who generously gives out carbon-fiber socks and butt slaps. It'll be a post-apocalyptic sports/genetic management simulation.

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