There's been a debate going on this summer about what deserves to be crowned as the hottest new food creation: the cronut or the Ramen Burger. The cronut has been around longer, the lines are ridiculous (ask Emma Roberts) and supermodel extraordinaire Heidi Klum tweeted a picture of her heading home on a plane with cronuts in tow. The Ramen Burger is the new kid on the block, drawing long lines at Smorgasburg, forcing creator Keizo Shimamoto to increase his output and even prompting a man to try and bribe his way to the front of the line using cronuts.

Now, the Ramen Burger has a supermodel cosign thanks to Chrissy Teigen. This battle just got real, folks.

Her tweet set Twitter abalze, with First We Feast getting in the mix as well:

..and then the official Ramen Burger account got wind of it. Perfection followed:

In the words of Jay-Z, "Now that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction." In a week where Kendrick Lamar raised the bar(s) in hip-hop with a brazen lyrical challenge to the entire hip-hop community, everyone is eager for competition, or simply hungry for beef. This competition between two food gladiators just got turned the complete fuck up.

Your move, Dominique Ansel.

[via Twitter and Instagram]

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