Jesse is an unemployed women living with her parents in Wallingford, PA. As she explained to Max and Nev—who instantly paid Jesse a compliment about her “beautiful teeth”—she's looking to start anew and would like to do so with Brian. Thing is, despite having a mutual friend in Fran, who Jesse dated as a tween and Brian toured Afghanistan with, Brian had already burned Jesse. Back in 2011, Jesse drove down to North Carolina to meet him, only he never showed up. If I’m not mistaken, gas was none too cheap back.  

Brian offered an explanation for his behavior at the time, only if you listen to Jesse now she clearly doesn’t know what to make of his excuse. Yet, this is a person Jesse describes as “sweet and genuine.” In any event, Brian invited Jesse to move to Alabama and live with him. At this point, they had still yet to meet, he stood her up in 2011, and they’d never conversed via video to prove that they had the correct number of limbs and heads.

Max says, “You’re definitely at the right age to go on adventures and take risks and be a little crazy.” He may be the host of Catfish, but I’ve seen watch too much Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and HLN to fall for such crap. Word to Benson and Nancy.