Average rent: $1,221
Lifestyle perk: Surfing, brah
Total days of sunshine: 283
Average yearly temperature: 69°

Sunshine, palm trees, and panoramic views and are just some of many reasons why we'd ditch the grimey streets of NYC for the sandy beaches of Santa Barbara. An hour north of L.A., Santa Barbara is home to some of the country's wealthy elite (what up Oprah), as well as a culturally-diverse college population, for the perfect balance of high-brow and fun-loving.

New York City may have more options when it comes to food, but in terms of quality, Santa Barbara is the clear cut winner. Enjoy the "best burrito of your life" on the regular at one of many top-notch mexican joints like Los Agaves or Freebirds, or hit up downtown for some R&R and fine dining.

At 4.2%, the unemployment rate in Santa Barbara is half that of New York City. So you can forget about having to wait in an interview line for days on end. Finding a job out here isn't a struggle. Though, it may be a struggle to leave the sunny beaches and actually show up for work once you're there. Don't say we didn't warn you.