"A No-Rough-Stuff Type Deal"
Season 1, Episode 7

You can't cook a cake if you don't have the ingredients—and the same goes with Blue Sky. Jesse heads to the market to buy the ingredients they need for crystal, but quickly discovers methylamine isn't an easy thing to get. As things go, the only methylamine that is around is in a guarded warehouse. They have two options: hire a group of professionals to do it for $10,000, or do it themselves.

Pulling out his best MacGyver impression, Walt grabs a nearby Etch-a-Sketch toy and thinks to himself. Then it clicks: Walt suggests that they use the aluminum powder in the toy to make thermite, and melt the locks that protect the methylamine. With some risk, they pull off the heist, and save themselves the money. This helps spark the duo's tendency to get shit done themselves.