I never thought I'd be saying that the guys who played two of the most intimidating characters ever on Breaking Bad would have the greatest vacation photos you'll ever see, but life is often an unpredictable thing. Here I am, saying it, on the record: These photos from former Breaking Bad stars Daniel and Luis Moncada are amazing. 

The story behind them is pretty great too—as Luis wrote in this epic Reddit thread:

So this crazy MutherF**ker invites US to his estate in Hawaii. At first, I thought he was bullsh*tting or maybe Jeffrey Dhamer’s brother trying to lure us in. Because who in their right f**king mind would invite US to stay at their property?! So we said “WTF” lets go kill this Motherf**ker. Well, he turned out to be tougher than we thought…We were not able to harass him at his own Domicile…So after much persuasion we were able to work out a deal. So next time you wanna venture to the Big Island of Hawaii mention our name for the SALAMANCA HOOK UP! REAL SH*T

It's even better when you imagine him writing this as Marco Salamanca, back from the dead with his brother to soak up the sun in Hawaii before heading back to Albuquerque. Man—even though Hank killed them off in season three, someone really needs to give these guys their own spin-off ASAP. Saul Goodman and Gus Fring can come too! 

[via Uproxx]