Suggested strain pairing: Lemon Wreck

Any entry in the Smash Bros. series will do, but the chances of you still having a Wii hooked up are much higher than a GameCube or an N64. Nintendo has always been the perfect sidecar to a little tipple of the green. Brilliantly cartoon soaked environments, an instant and lasting recognition of the characters, and, let's be honest, being stoned is one of the few times seeing a gorilla in a tie even begins to make sense.

Super Smash Bros. is a game seasoned veterans can get down on, but it also lends itself perfectly to the casually baked neophyte. A simple control scheme means that even the most burnt of us can pick one of the candy coated members of the roster; a fox in a racing jacket who captains a starship; a pink amorphous blob that fights by forced asphyxitation; a Japanese electric rat that is in the U.S. llegally; they are all at your disposal.