Suggested strain pairing: Cadillac Purple

Have you ever gotten baked and sat down to a truly well-done horror film? A taut atmospheric film that heightens and disorients any chance it gets? It begs to be enjoyed with a dip of the hydro. Slender is exactly the same.

The free, indie survival horror game is base on the manufactured folklore of the Slender Man. A faceless  tuxedo clad figure that is present when children are abducted. A first person title, Slender charges players with finding eight loose pages scattered through a fog dense forest. Catching a glimpse of the Slender Man will drain a player's sanity meter forcing you to jog away before succumbing to madness.

A hyper-minimalist horror outing that relies on well placed jump scares, and your ultimate powerlessness in 'defeating' the Slender Man, for its effectiveness. Now imagine all of those components amplified with a little toke running through your terrified lungs. Download the game right here.