Episode: "Half Measures" (Season 3, Episode 12)

For an episode with such a breathtaking ending, it sure opens funnily enough. Indulging in the show's penchant for dark humor, the opening to "Half Measures" is a music video for The Association's "Windy," a 1967 pop gem. "Windy" scores the day-to-day life of Wendy, the show's favorite prostitute and walking American Dental Association PSA. In what what must be some kind of record for most blow jobs depicted in a single two-minute sequence, Wendy serves her clients so she can get served.

The opening ultimately connects with the episode's action when she climbs into the car with the dealers who watched Combo get licked. "Half Measures" is most often talked about for it's last scene, which is a shame, because the beginning is so much gnarly fun. —RS