If you watched last week's episode of Breaking Bad, "Buried," then you're in on the "Belize Option" joke your friends have probably made twenty times already since Sunday. If not, allow us to explain: Saul Goodman, the illegal eagle and consigliere to meth kingpin Walter White, suggested that he solve a problem by sending said aggressor "on a trip to Belize." You know, by way of heavenly, all-expenses paid, thirty-eight snub travel methods. (Read the full episode recap here.) As soon as he made the comment the jokes flew on Twitter about how Belize tourism just took a hit.

On the flipside, the Belize Tourism Board are big fans of the show (because really, who isn't?) and took the name-drop in stride, sending out several hilarious tweets to the cast and creator Vince Gilligan, and posting an appreciative note, inviting the characters to visit on their website. If the ugly family drama of "Buried," is any indication, everyone on the show is in need of a good vacation right now. Something tells us most of them are headed to Belize via Saul's defintion instead, though.

Read some of the tweets and the note above, and go to the Belize Tourism Twitter account to see the rest.

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[via NYT]