At E3 this year Battlefield 4 showed off a new dynamic battlefield where players could trigger events like bringing down skyscrapers, now Lead Multiplayer Designer Thomas Anderson leads us on a teaser of the some of the other OMGWTF multiplayer triggers - flooding a city with a battleship? Yes please.

Battlefield 4 developers have dubbed this new dynamic battlefield event system, somewhat unfortunately, as "Levolution" but who knows, maybe it'll grow on us. Rather than having timed-out events that happen no matter what players do, gamers will actually have to follow a series of triggers to create these game-changing events. So maps that players spend countless hours traversing can become fresh and new with dynamic events. Note to self, memorize where all power boxes are and buy a night vision scope.

Examples of how Levolusion will alter gameplay will include sub-objectives, such protecting a warhead countdown then dropping something huge (skyscraper), changing entire maps from land to water and raising bollards in streets to render vehicles useless.

Levoluvion promises to keep maps changing and offers huge visual reward but also forces players to be even more flexible in their battle plans.

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[Via Battlefield Blog]