Has your girl been complaining about your lack of a job? Well, stop texting her and open the updated LinkedIn app, because they just made it a little easier to find the job of your dreams. 

The new app update for Android and iOS allows you to browse through jobs until you find one you're interested in, then you can click the Apply button to get the application process rolling. And since you already have your resume updated and ready to go (right?), the application process will only take a few quick steps. 

LinkedIn seemed to be working up to this new feature for a while now, as they released the new “Jobs you might be interested in" for mobile last month. If you find a job you're interested in but want to spruce up your resume before applying, the app also lets you save a job for later—but it's up to you not to forget about it. 

Now get back to Snapchatting applying for those jobs. 

Get LinkedIn for iOS and Android.

[via The Next Web]