At one high school in Ohio, Twitter's tweets are turning into 140 characters of terror. 

Someone stole the idea from South Park came up with the bright idea of starting an anonymous Twitter account that would put anyone and everyone on blast from Hudson High in Hudson, Ohio; from embarassing sexual encounters, crushes, fights, to confessions, and now many of the students have to sit and watch as rumors about them could spread at any moment. Welcome to the new digital age, high school edition.

The Twitter account Hudson Confessions (@HudConfessions) currently has a little more than a thousand followers, and close to 4,000 tweets. It's powered by, a service that lets users submit anonymous tips that @HudConfession's owner will tweet. A lot of the tweets are the typical that girl is hot type thing, but many of them have led to embarassment, like this one: 

 Or, this (sorry, dude. It gets better): 

"Everyone’s self-conscious about it," says Samantha Schultheis, a 16-year-old incoming junior at the school. "It always becomes, ‘Who was that confession about? Who sent that in? I want to know.’ It kind of controls the social aspect of the school."

Administrators are hard at work figuring out what to do about the account, since they can't particularly shut it down themselves. But they're urging students not to look at the account.

If you're a high school grad, be thankful that you got out of their before social media took off like it is today. School bullying was and still is a major problem, but at least you were able to find comfort when the bell rang and you could go home. With social media today, bullying can occur at any moment, with hundreds or thousands in the audience, while you're the only one on stage.

[via The Verge]

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