With each new Android Micro-console released we can’t help but think back to the wave of Plug-n-play TV ready retro game systems. Emulators held within controllers or small joystick boxes that let gamers play some or all Atari or Nintendo games on the cheap.

At least the Micro-consoles feel like this, but they offer much more of a robust experience. Even if you do not play games on your console it can be used for lots of other applications. Applications like Netflix, streaming shows, and television are all possibilities. Ouya, for instance has partnered with Twitch.tv, iheartradio, TuneIn, Plex and Flixter to name a few.

So it’s possible that profitability could side step games all together and be a media platform first and gaming platform second. This seems to be the direction of other consoles like the Xbox One which aims to be an everything machine; all inclusive media manager.