Besides being outpaced by the very system that they’ve been built around, another serious problem faces the coming wave of Android-powered consoles. Rumors have been rumbling that Google and Amazon are both releasing consoles powered by Android.

A Google or Amazon level company could compete at the same level as Sony or Microsoft in a way that Ouya or any of its competitors simply cannot match. Rumors are that Amazon will be dropping its new console before the end of 2013 with the potential of blowing everything else out of the water. With a huge exclusive library and enough leverage to sell their console at a loss, they could survive only on app sales and massive promotions. For these companies it only makes sense to expand into the hardware market, since they already own the software.

If you haven’t bought one yet and you’re not a developer it may be a bad idea to buy an Ouya or one of its competitors just for the games. The future may hold great promise for these micro-consoles; unfortunately it may not come fast enough.