The market is readying itself to be flooded with the releases of Android-powered consoles in the next three months. The Ouya and Shield are out but the MOJO, GamePop, Gamestick and rumored consoles from Google and Amazon are on the way. Are they all the same? What does this new category of home consoles really have to offer?

Unlike the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, to be released later this year, most of these Android consoles are targeting a completely different market. Hardcore gamers are going to spend money for graphics, features, and exclusive games that big name consoles have to offer. But what if you don’t want to spend a fortune just to play some games on your TV? Android consoles have a lower cost and stream many classic games and apps that consumers already know they like. The exception being Nvidia’s Shield, which may be powered by the Android operating system, but is in an altogether different category with its Tegra 4 chipset allowing it to play and stream PC games.

It is possible to side step Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo altogether and grab a home-console for under $100 while being something more than we can play on our phones? We look at what android-powered consoles really have to offer and if they’re right for you.

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