If the next season of American Horror Story is going to teach us anything, it's definitely going to be: Witches be crazy.

Seriously, look at this shit in the first trailer. The girl is floating like ten feet above the staircase upside down, just chilling when she could very easily just use her legs like a human being and walk down the stairs. Like, crisis over. We've solved all your problems, girl. And in the second teaser—pins! Pins everywhere! How is this creepy chick lunging at the screen when there is a gigantic life-sized pin piercing her gut and her leg? That's just unrealistic. Someone go check on her, we're not sure she's OK. 

As for the third teaser...well, that's just creepy. They're all creepy, actually—questioning how realistic they are is the only way to stop ourselves from screaming.

The next season of AHS, titled Coven, will premiere on FX on October 9th. Until then, FX will probably release about a million more of teasers like these, so the wait probably won't be too excruciating.

[via Uproxx]