Visitors at a zoo in China were left feeling all types of hoodwinked and bamboozled when the zoo tried to convince them that a Tibetan mastiff dog was a lion. Lions don't bark. 

A woman identified only as Liu was at the zoo in Louhe with her son when they saw a cage labeled "African lion." Then, the "lion" barked. This "lion" was actually a Tibetan mastiff dog. According to CNN, Liu said: "The zoo is absolutely trying to cheat us. They are trying to disguise dogs as lions."

This revealed that other cages were mislabled, such as a dog in a wolf cagewhich is far more believable, but still unforgivable because of the deceit—and a white fox placed in the leopard enclosure. So now dogs are cats? Liu Suya, head of the park animal department, explained this strange practice to CNN. The Tibetan mastiff was placed in a lion's cage over "safety concerns," and the lion and leopard were removed for breeding purposes. Mystery solved.

But what if some small children don't know any better; this zoo could be unintentionally leading the youth astray. Think of the children!

[via CNN]