America loves weed. With marijuana now legal in so many states, and, indeed, even our nation's capital now allowing medical marijuana to be sold legally, there has been an even greater influx of stoners in search of food, perusing their local 24-hour convinience stores with a mean case of the munchies. And, fast food restaurants and big food companies have not failed to notice.

In fact, places like Taco Bell, with its "Fourth Meal" menu—the meal eaten between dinner and breakfast, ya feel us?—and the even-less-subtle targeting from restaurants like Cheba Hut, are paying extra attention and taking good care of tokers everywhere. Today, you can get munchies like Rob Dyrdek's Big Mouth Burrito, which contains exactly 420 calories each (we can almost see Dyrdek winking at us now), and Carl's Jr.'s Strawberry Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich, so stoners can have a delicious and danky time. Check out our History of Foods Marketed Towards Stoners, and be sure to have a snack on hand.

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