When you pop in any Madden NFL title, you always go into the game with one, particular team in mind. Maybe it's the 2004 Atlanta Falcons. Or the Drew Brees-led 2011 New Orleans Saints. Whoever it may be, the fact is, every Madden gamer has that one team with which they've always felt completely unbeatable. 

Since Madden NFL 25 is dropping next week, we decided to take a look at all those teams that could be considered as the "best ever." Who could forget the days when the Greatest Show on Turf was everyone's weapon of choice in Madden 2003? But were they better than any of the teams that Peyton Manning put out on the field during his days with the Indianapolis Colts? Click through and find out for yourself. Oh, but just so we're clear on one thing: having Peyton Hillis on the cover of Madden 12 didn't make the Cleveland Browns good enough to have a place on this list. We apologize to the Browns faithful, but no one player could ever save that team. That's just a fact. 

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