Are you the type of person who always wanted to see a lot more blood your Zelda games, is the happy green world of Hyrule getting you down. Well rest your bloodlust because Hyrule: Total War is freaking terrifying.

This Total War mod is a real-time strategy game set within the Zelda universe where players can control the characters and races from the series. The play style is free form, so you can build up your kingdom and decide either save or dominate Hyrule with massive armies. The game contains 19 factions, a campaign, and custom settlements as well as a four-mission campaign set in Nintendo's official Hyrule Historia.

It's great to see the Zelda universe with a fresh pair of eyes, as long as you don't mind the bloodshed. No word on when the final version will be out but it looks pretty amazing. Have you played the previous versions of this mod? Does it rule as much as the video claims?

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