The original Xbox 360 - which some of us still have - was prone to breakdowns, the red ring of death and sounded like a helicopter taking off when fired up. Microsoft hopes to fix these issues with its next-gen Xbox One, that when idled will be completely silent.

Microsoft has focused on reliability and cool, quite running while sacrificing compactness. The noisy fan of the Xbox 360 has been replaced by a larger, slower-moving fan, which will displace more heat. According to Eurogamer, Microsoft built the Xbox One to remain always on, just like cable set-top boxes, for a projected lifespan of ten years.

Citing inside sources at Microsoft, the Xbox one will a bit larger than current consoles however the extra space with facilitate heat dissipation and the larger, improved fan for quieter overall operation. Another factor is that since all games need to be installed to the hard drive, the optical drive will not be in use during play. So rest assured, there will be no helicopters taking off in your living room while trying to sneak some play in before work.

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[Via Eurogamer]