Despite the shocking recent petition to bring back the Xbox One’s DRM policies, Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten stated in a recent interview with IGN that some of the features of the Xbox One may be making a return.

Features like family sharing, could be making a comeback, but it's still too early to tell. In the interiew Whitten went on, 

”We took some feedback and realized there was some stuff we needed to add to the program. To add it to the program, we had to make room, just from a pure engineering perspective, to be able to get that work done. So taking Family Sharing out of the launch window was not about ‘we’re going to take our toys and go home’ or something like that. It was just sort of the logistics of ‘how do we get this very, very clear request that people really want, that choice, and how do we make sure we can do an excellent job of that, get to launch, and then be able to build a bunch of great features?"

What do you think? Is family sharing something that's important enought to warrant a comeback? Get at us and let us know what you'r thinking.

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