Wolverine. Logan. Patch. James Howlett. Whatever nom de guerre he happens to be going by, he remains one of Marvel's most iconic and enduring characters. 

It's fairly easy to understand the reasoning behind the character's ubiquitous presence in the world of video games and comics. Loner, prone to fits of berserker rage, shadowy past, former government agent, masterless samurai, X-Man, and pretty much the embodiment of Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales. Saying Wolverine is your favorite X-Man is the same thing as saying you enjoy pizza. Everyone loves pizza.

You're supposed to love Wolverine. He's designed that way (we can thank Chris Claremont for that). The Wolverine opens today and we are hoping beyond hope that one of Marvel's most notable properties will finally get the respect he's due in a feature film (breathe no word of X-Men Origins to me).

His appearances in video games have been..mixed. His last solo outing was in 2009, and amazingly there's no tie-in game for The Wolverine, but the fans must feed. Here's the Complete History of Wolverine Appearances in Video Games.

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by @HanumanWelch