Tacos are not just a delicious convenience food in Los Angeles; they're a lifestyle. On virtually every street corner and after epic nights of drunken revelry, Angelenos are tempted by the mouth-watering tastiness of perfectly grilled carne asada (grilled beef, for you gringos), al pastor (pork), or pollo (chicken) tacos smothered in homemade guacamole and spicy street salsa.

It can be argued that pizza is the taco of New York City, but when it comes to delicious Mexican food, Los Angeles is the clear winner based on authenticity and availability alone. Los Angeles has four times as many Mexican residents, and a search for the word “tacos” on Yelp yields 2348 results. In New York, there are only 1244.

For the fiercely devout subset of weirdo foodies, there’s just as much ethnic diversity for them to painstakingly detail and blog about in Los Angeles than in New York City. But, while amazing food in New York easily becomes expensive, L.A.'s high-density Thai population has created a phenomenal, inexpensive haven for the Drunken Noodle lovers. Lower rents in Los Angeles also allow up-and-coming chefs like James Beard-nominated Josef Centeno of Lazy Ox Canteen and Baco Mercat to work their magic at lower price points for food lovers of all financial ranges to enjoy. Eat that, Gotham.