Half-Life 2, much like its predecessor, is not a massive, gigantic game. So the idea of someone (or in this case, one very dedicated group) speed running the whole thing in less than an hour and a half is impressive to say the least. Now after 600 days of putting it all together the group has released the result on Youtube, and it’s something to see.

Although the run starts to drag sometime after hitting Nova Prospekt, watching Freeman sprint and fly over huge areas like the beach or Ravenholm in a matter of minutes is stunning, even when you know it took multiple people innumerable times to get it right. The game’s linear sequences are the most fun to watch, since the action moves at such an insane clip it’s hard to keep up with. (You will have to put up with some idiotic teabagging and the like, but such is the maturity level of the medium in this day and age.)

Still, it’s worth a watch.

Via Youtube