It wouldn't be San Diego Comic-Con without a few surprise "holy shit" announcements in the superhero film department, and according to The L.A. Times' Hero Complex, Warner Bros. is gearing up to make a huge one.

The superhero blog reports that the studio is planning to follow this summer's Man of Steel with Superman & Batman in 2015, bringing together the two iconic DC Comics superheroes for one giant movie. You'll remember that Wolfgang Peterson tried and failed to do this almost ten years ago, before Batman Begins.

Allegedly, the entire Steel team will reunite for this, with Zack Snyder back to direct, David Goyer handling screenplay duties, and of course, Henry Cavill as the boy in blue. Christopher Nolan could potentially produce.

 Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter says the film is just step one in a bid to compete with Marvel's superhero film slate, with a solo film centered on The Flash set for 2016, building to a Justice League film in 2017. Since it's unlikely Christian Bale will return as the Caped Crusader, starting things off with Superman & Batman could be an interesting solution to establish a mythology separate of Nolan's Dark Knight series. It's about time Warner and DC got their act together.

Update: It's official. Zack Snyder just announced at Comic-Con that the Man of Steel sequel will pit Kryptonian against Bat, cribbing thematically from Frank Miller's critically acclaimed The Dark Knight Returns. (So it's not a spin-off Superman vs Batman film as originally reported.) The casting search for the man brave enough to try a new take on the Dark Knight in this post Nolan-Bale society begins.

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