Two brothers, who will now be known as the Shark City Head Bussas, prevented their father's Norfolk, Va. Wing Zone from being robbed by attacking the armed robber. The restaurant has reportedly fallen victim to several similar incidents over the course of the past year, so the boys decided to fight back. 

After the assailant strolls in and accosts them, they feign compliance, only to tag-team and disarm him before sending him on his way. Entering an establishment poised to rob it only to leave without any money or your weapon has to hurt your pride. On Reddit, a former employee said the boys come from a "military family" with a deep interest in "different types of fighting styles."

Aside from the would-be robber's salty exit, the videos highlight is the painfully awkward chest-bump the brothers share afterwards. It's what JV wrestling matches are made of.

Oh, and just because:

[via Gawker]