Don't call it a comeback: Vine has just released one of their biggest updates, its first major one since Instagram released their video update almost two weeks ago.

The new version includes a few big things: there are now 15 new genre channels for users to explore, ranging from comedy, music, nature and an 'On the Rise' section, for Vines that are going viral (which will definitely be owned by Will Sasso). With this, there is the option to "revine," which, as you probably guessed it, is the Vine equivalent of retweeting. Also, users can also open a protected account that they can make accessible to selected friends.

On the video side of things, there's a new on-screen grid and focusing tool to help while filming. They've also added a new "ghost" tool to let users align their previous shot with their next by showing an opaque version of the last frame. 

Android users will be getting the update in a week. What features do you think Vine should include in the next update?