In a demo video that has since been made "private" on YouTube, a Canadian wireless company spilled some info on Google's new collaboration with Motorola—the Moto X phone. And, it turns out, the Moto X is officially giving Siri a run for her money.

The video, which features a woman talking to the phone as it lays next to her on a desk. Without her touching it, the phone activates and searches for her request: a quick weather update. It seems that Google has built the Moto X strongly around voice commands, so much to the point that it will activate with the command "Okay Google Now." Also, the woman gets an update while watching TV, and a quick notifcation pops up on the phone's screen that is just bright enough to catch her attention, but not enough to be distracting.

The Moto X comes with a cool new way to bring up the phone's camera. With the user flicking their wrist twice while holding the phone, the camera will spring up. From there, they can press anywhere on the screen to take a photo, or hold their finger on the screen to take multiple photos.

The mobile company, Rogers Wireless, is based in Canada. The video mentions at the end that the Moto X will be released in August and will be Rogers exclusive (in Canada). So, one thing Americans can take from this is that the Moto X is right around the corner. Excited yet?

We'll post the video if it becomes available again.