Platform(s): Gamecube, PS2, Windows, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS
Year Released: 2005

When you try and trace back the origins of many of today's FPS-style titles, you'll inevitably come upon Resident Evil 4 at some point in your search. The gameplay perspective was completely original to the title, and the ease of which it ported from one platform to another was a rare feat for many video games at the time, as it seamlessley jumped from sixth-gen to seventh-gen consoles, as well as handheld options and the PC. Beyond the hordes of demonic villagers looking to cut your throat, Resident Evil 4 kept you on your toes with a number of quick time events and bosses that required you to react with your finest instincts. This level of immersiveness has made the title playable and enjoyable even against the visually smoother and shinier options of today.

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