Two ninjas have never been more synonymous with both the NES era and enduring all the way to the current generation of consoles.

Both Ryu Hayabusa and Strider Hiryu have proven themselves to be fan favorites and deep veins of narrative exploration for the better part of 25 years. Ninja Gaiden was a defining title for the NES thanks largely in part to the rich anime influence of the cut scenes and the game's difficulty as a platformer. Ryu has starred in multiple Ninja Gaiden titles and will be central to the upcoming Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

Strider, also a product of the NES and quarter arcade era, has become instantly recognizable thanks to his appearance in nearly all of the Marvel vs Capcom titles. Strider is one of the most popular chracters in the Marvel vs.. franchise thanks to his speed and agility. But one larger question remains:

Who's the bigger badass?

If we suspended disbelief long enough to think about a battle to the death between two of the most iconic ninjas in video game history, who would come out on top? Ryu's got ninja magic at his disposal, but Strider is equipped with a plasma sword and offensive and defensive robots. Who's the better ninja? Tell us what you think and why in the comments below.

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